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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: New Treatments

  Some women experience uncomfortable and extremely heavy menstrual flow. In the past, the only options for relief were a hysterectomy or hormonal therapy. Now you have better choices to reduce or stop heavy menstrual bleeding without removing your uterus or disrupting your natural hormones.

Cryoablation Therapy is the latest procedure available to you as an outpatient and has a brief recovery time. Cryoablation uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy the tissue lining of the uterus in one single treatment. This procedure takes about 30 minutes and you should have someone drive you home. Although there may be some initial cramping, most women can return to normal activities the next day. You may experience a watery discharge for up to three weeks as the tissue heals. Within the first three months, you should experience a significant reduction in bleeding.

For more information about Cryoablation Therapy, click here.


Endometrial Ablation can also be performed as an outpatient procedure without hospitalization. Following the procedure, you should refrain from any kind of exercise for at least 3-4 weeks to reduce bleeding. About half of the time there are no side effects and full activity can be resumed within 2-3 days. Sometimes women report cramp-like sensations and are tired for several days. Most women are back to full activity within 4-5 days following surgery. It is best to take a few days off from normal activity to pamper yourself, although some women have returned to work the next day.

For more information about Endometrial Ablation, click here. (link to novasure)

Dr. Diez has found that 80% of his patients enjoy either a significant reduction or complete cessation of menstrual flow. However, it sometimes takes up to one year for your individual results to become clear. These procedures may cause sterility and should not be performed on women who wish to conceive.



Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: New Treatments

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